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Today, consumers increasingly turn to online and mobile throughout their day to seek answers, engage with their personal community and also with brands. Digital and social media marketing are now an essential part of any communications strategy. Balli Digital Solutions delivers a broad suite of services and expert advice in order to tailor the optimum digital solutions for your brand.

Google AdWords Campaign & Strategy:

(Pay Per Click account setup & reporting)

Improving your brands presence in the digital sphere always generates more lead and better ROI. So it’s important that your products and services appear on the first page of search engines for better engagement, when customers are searching for them. Nine Digital has the experience and technical expertise to help you position your brands in the sponsored section of the search engines pages, which will be viewed by the targeted audience. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very effective way to get your products and services in front of prospective customers.

Keyword Research & Grouping

It is very important to pick up the right set of targeted keywords carefully which would be relevant to the searches of your products and services. This is an integral part of running your PPC campaign ads and we review there impact in the light of campaign results.

Demographic Targeting

PPC campaign has a very flexible approach which can help you to narrow down your target audience and promote your products and services in the digital sphere on the basis of location, gender, age, interest and place.

Create Multiple Ads and Landing Pages

We can create impactful display ads and publish it on highly relevant sites targeting the right audience, which will directly connect to your landing page and will help you by generating better leads. Appropriate designing of your campaign’s landing pages makes the experience highly relevant to what the visitor/browser is looking for.

Monitor CTR & Conversion

A PPC ad campaign needs to be written very methodically incorporating the right targeted keywords and it should be justly portrayed, so that it also improves the click through rates (CTR) and conversion rate. The success of a PPC campaign is always dependent on the CTR and conversion rate. So if the customers search is found to be relevant to your products and services and catches their attention, then there is a high chance of getting a conversion when they click on it and go to the landing page.

Report & Optimize

The success of your PPC campaign is always measured and will be reported to you. Key areas of the campaign requiring improvement will be identified and suggested to you on the basis of the results, depending on the number of clicks and conversion.

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