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The software should make your life easier, but we know it can be confusing if the technology isn’t your forte. You can leave your data in our hands so you can get on with the parts of your job you love.

Most businesses and large organisations are starting to feel the tension between their data and technological requirements, and the capability of their current infrastructure. This tension is a direct result of the gap caused by the exponential rate at which we are storing information online and the linear growth of most organisations’ software. This gap often manifests itself in a lack of confidence from staff and users, data integrity and accuracy issues, limited functionality and efficiency, and significant frustration from all involved! At Balli Solutions, we close that gap.

Our clever software developers exist to help you run your business or organisation smoothly and efficiently. We build websites of varying scope and can work with your intranet and CRM systems. We can help you find, breakdown and understand data, develop custom reports, let you know if your data is accurate, set up your domains, coach you in using online systems to record and store information, and more.

At Balli Solutions, we know our stuff, but we still like to avoid using fancy jargon, especially when it comes to tech-talk. We’ll always explain things in a simple, easy-to-understand way, so you never have to feel overwhelmed.

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